I knit garments to shield against the cold. I am continuously in search of the best way to keep myself warm as I work at my desk, ride my bike (regardless of the temps), and otherwise go through life. There's no sense in being cold — and why not look amazing while keeping warm? I most like to design and knit pieces that are tailored so that even if they have some heft they still define and flatter one's unique shape. After all, they are custom pieces — they should fit beautifully.

There is, of course, mild-weather knitwear to be made and worn! I love to apply beads to lace, adding a bit of sheen, color, and definition to any garment. I relish playing with color and pattern, and am fascinated by the ability to manipulate space and lines. I love a good stripe pattern, and bending stripes. Designing knitwear provides continuous opportunities to play with all of this.

The designs in this portfolio have been inspired by many sources: artists, shadows, other designers, and completed projects whose ideas I continue to develop. The ideas tumble in while I knit, and then they fight to be the next ones on the needles. The blank side of any paper that makes it into my house is in danger of ending up with a sketch on it.

In working with clients seeking custom knitwear, I bring samples of work and an open mind. At heart I am a problem-solver, with a desire to help clients choose styles that reflect their own personalities, desires, and color schemes.

When developing designs for sale as patterns I work with pattern testers and reviewers to ensure an intuitive and enjoyable knitting experience. As I wish to make my patterns both customizable and easy to use, I create innovative form calculators so that adjusting for gauge or stitch count (depending on the pattern) is easy to do. I also create video tutorials for unique stitch combinations.

My first commission was to design a complex montage of Kaffe Fassett designs for a textiles professor of mine in college. After many years in other career adventures, I now dedicate most of my waking and dreamtime to designing knitwear. I also work as a professional organizer of finances, ideas, and spaces.

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