Serendipia is Spanish for Serendipity, and means "fortunate happenstance". We find it everywhere in our lives when we are open to it and allow it to guide us to new experiences. I've been wanting to find a way to harness the stripyness of self-striping yarn in pieces other than socks. So I created a scarf and a wrap that are built from narrow strips that make the most of the sort of short, repeated color changes in hand-painted yarn. To further accentuate the sinuous curves, I developed a decrease that is mostly invisible on the front side of the fabric.

Serendipia is worked in long, narrow strips: You knit one strip, then pick up stitches along the left-hand edge, knit the second strip, attaching it to the first strip as you go. Work up additional strips if you like. Detailed instructions and downloadable calculator enable you to customize your piece so that you achieve the best stripyness for your particular yarn.

Instructional video shows how to do the special reverse-side decrease.

For more information and to download the pattern, visit Knitty.

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