Little Teacups Wrap


Little Teacups Wrap is a cozy, asymmetrical wrap with texture, stripes, and an eye-catching, three-dimensional eyelet edge. The eyelets allow you to slip one end of the wrap through to secure it in place, whether you wear it loosely or wrapped tightly around your neck. There are so many fun ways to wear it!

The body of this wrap has a very easy stitch pattern to memorize so you can take it wherever you like to knit. The reverse side is also attractive, so you can wear it inside or out – as long as you block it accordingly. You will need a digital scale to determine when to start the stripes, but you can always wing it and begin the little teacups edge when you see yourself (eh hem) running out of yarn.


Wingspan: 64(97)” / 163(246)cm
Depth: 13(14-1/2)” / 33(37)cm

Video Tutorial
Pattern includes a tutorial to demonstrate stitches used in the edging. These stitches are easy to execute, just not commonly used.

Stitch and Yarn Calculators
I’ve created a handy calculator (in the pattern itself) to help you with with a couple of easy figures and record them in your pattern. (Oh, the beauty of electronic documents!)

The Little Teacups Wrap pattern is available for download.

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