Infinite Pools


Harnessing the pooling and striping in space-dyed yarn has been a mission of mine in the last couple of years. As I’m not a sock-knitter, I’ve wanted to find other ways to show off the beauty of hand-dyed yarns. Along my explorations of *unstraightening* straight lines, I’ve discovered how to force yarn to stripe and pool. Developing this piece has given me an appreciation for the many exciting ways in which colors can pool.

Infinite Pools is an infinity scarf worked in long, narrow strips: You knit one strip, then knit the second strip, attaching it to the first strip as you go. Work up additional strips if you have enough yarn and want a wider piece.

Invisible Decreases are a special feature of this piece, and ensure that the color pattern is uninterrupted. I've created a video tutorial to teach you how to do them.

The interactive PDF pattern guides you through customizing the pattern for your particular yarn.

Yarn is Done Roving's Frolicking Feet in worsted.

The Infinite Pools pattern is available for download.

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